My wife and I are presently embroiled in a battle with our 2-year-old. This battle involves her craving for breastfeeding, even while there is no more nourishment for her. Every night, getting her to sleep is a battle. She has gotten so in the habit of breastfeeding before going to sleep that she physically resists us. She scratches and bites. It is horrible. She awakens from her sleep screaming and yelling. When I try to grab her, she pushes back against me, using all of her toddler strength, (which is quite sizable, surprisingly).

Last night might have been the worst yet. Before we retired for the evening, she screamed and fought both of us. When we finally got her to sleep, as she usually did, she woke up screaming. Her mother tried consoling her as she cried out, “Maaa-Maaa” repeatedly, trying to coax from her what she felt like she needed. I finally grabbed her against her wishes. The next 30 minutes was a fight. I literally had to hold her hands, while keeping my arms far enough away from her to avoid getting bitten. She fought like I have never seen her fight before. My heart went out to her. This is something that she has been used to since birth. I understand her feelings of need and want, feeling like

My heart went out to her. This is something that she has been used to since birth. I understand her feelings of need and want, feeling like you’re absolutely gonna go crazy if you don’t get this thing. I know it was hard for her mother as well, knowing that you can’t properly comfort your child right now because it would put her in proximity of what she wants so badly. So I held her tightly. I restrained her. I kissed her forehead. I told her that I loved her. And she still fought, but I wouldn’t let her go.

Casting all your anxieties on Him, for He cares for you..(1 Peter 5:7)”

I stroked her hair and her cheeks, finally settling to softly rubbing and patting her back, and telling her that it was going to be alright. She still screamed and fought. I still held her.

“But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me. Micah 7:7)”

I began to pray softly to my Father on behalf of His little girl. I prayed that God would provide peace into her body. It was after a few minutes of this that something really cool happened, that even as I think about it right now, melts my heart to bits. Having not even addressed me at all during this tirade, my daughter screamed, “Daaa-Daaa”, and then all I heard was the soft respirations of her sleeping soundly. Maybe it was exhaustion. I believe God answered a father’s request because HE is the good Father.

I began to think about my own life. My struggles with sin. Addictions to pornography, where my flesh was literally raging at the thought of not partaking in that arena anymore. I know there were times when God wrapped His arms around me and restrained me. He got personally involved in my tantrums because He knew what I really needed. And in the most intense moments of my sin, I would cry out,”Abba”, and then finally rest against him. In those moments, he showed me that I didn’t need what I wanted, but I only needed to be held by Him. My Father.

Maybe your struggle is not an addiction. Maybe it is a sin. No matter what form it comes in, I believe that God wants you to know the power of a Father’s love. he wants you to know that He is not so distant that he can not hear your cries for relief, nor are His arms too short that He can not reach you. And when those arms reach out for you, they will hold you tightly, as only a Father can. He will keep you in that place with Him until you can find rest enough to make it through. He loves you. He is concerned with every intricate detail of your life.

My daughter slept soundly in my arms through my own alarm clock, and when I left to go to work this morning, she was still asleep in the same position. Peaceful. Resting. Now, I’m not saying the battle will not be on again tonight because it probably will. Nor am I saying that I’ll be able to calm her tonight. Perhaps God was teaching me a lesson last night. I just know that the power of a Father’s (God’s) love is enough to accomplish whatever we have need of.

Be blessed today.


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