It’s always funny to me what aspects of the Christmas story really catch my thoughts at any given time. It is usually some obscure part of the story. This evening I found myself thinking about stillness. Peace.

There is something about stillness that unnerves us. We don’t tend to like it very much when we are alone in silence. Something about it causes us to face ourselves. When things aren’t moving, or it feels like things aren’t moving, it just vexes us. The beauty in silence, though, is that sometimes we get the most powerful revelations. We think about things better. We can find ways to become more efficient if we would just slow down and enjoy the silence. The stillness.

The peace.

After searching all over the place to find an inn, Joseph and Mary finally laid up for the night in a stable, among animals. After all of the hectic bustle of the evening, they finally had a moment when Christ came in the stillness of the night. There were no people there. They were alone with what was a world-defining moment. The King of Heaven had come in the flesh of man.

Sure, Jesus could have come to trumpet fanfares. He could have come in the midst of those crowds out trying to get counted in the census. He chose to come in the stillness. The silence.

The peace.

This stillness brought such a powerful moment, and I believe that if we would allow it to, stillness in our own lives can bring moments just as powerful. So, as we go about celebrating the birth of the Savior, take the time to pursue the stillness.

The silence.

The peace.

That’s where you’ll find the King of Kings.


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