I stand proudly before you all today and deem myself a Creative. I’m full of ideas, and just because I don’t share them often, never mistake my silence for a lack of engagement. Engagement is often easy. The expression is not. Especially in a church setting. Often, I find myself nervous and afraid to share what is really burning in my heart regarding any myriad number of items. I don’t talk about new songs that I have written for the Body. I simply write them and sing them to myself. In my classroom, the space is mine, and so I do what I wish in that class time to accomplish what I feel I need to. It is my safe space to be all of me. My administration may look at some things that I do in a weird way, but mostly I’m allowed to be all of me. Weird. Introverted. Quiet. Random. Spontaneous.

I see things differently and can think of alternate routes almost all of the time, but I’m often reluctant to share. Creatives come in all shapes and sizes, but one constant falls across the board. Every creative can come up with some kind of alternative if asked, and they will share if asked and are comfortable. What does this have to do with the church?

Serving the God of all creation means that we are serving a God who is adept at creating something out of nothing and because we are all created in His likeness, each of us has some kind of creative spark within us. It manifests in different ways in all of us, but it is there, whether we choose to accept it or not. The creatives that I am speaking of now, though, are the ones who are generally looked down upon in church. They might be seen as slackers. They might be a little too liberal in their thinking. They might be too out there in what they are suggesting. But here’s the thing. If we aren’t allowing Creatives to get involves in the direction and future of the Church, then we are essentially telling them to find their own way outside of it. In the world.

At times the music won’t sound the same. The lights might be a little crazy. The sermons might take on a different tone and tenor. There might be both minor and major disagreements with the Pastor about direction. These difficulties are worth it. We are entering an age where everything that the church does is being questioned. People are becoming more and more disenfranchised with the concept that they HAVE to be a member of a body of believers to successfully live out their Christianity. We can not afford to willfully ignore the needs of those in our congregations who simply want to express what God has placed inside of them as worship.

It’s time to listen. It’s time to allow ourselves to be lead down new rabbit holes, so long as they line up with the word of God. There are more ways to share the Gospel than what we have been exposed to all of our lives. Creatives carry God’s spirit, and as such, they carry Heaven. So if Jesus instructed us to pray “thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”, I believe that we are going to be pretty surprised when we see just how creatively beautiful Heaven is. Let’s not be so quick to shoot down an idea. Listen to their songs with open hearts. Observe their art with God’s eyes. Listen to their raps and other inventions with curiosity, looking for God in it all. You’ll find it. If we are to shift earth, and let Heaven come, we must not be afraid of what that looks like. The Kingdom is creative.

Creatives, come forth!

And if you aren’t allowed to come forth in the church, then BE the church and use your giftings from God to create the pathways to worship that we keep missing.


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