How easy can it be for us to forget that God can not fail? I’m thinking about times in my life where we were in emergency situations, some of our own making, and some that just happen because of life. The emergency of the situation can sometimes overtake our experiences with God.

This is where the power of testimony really comes into play. The more we talk about where we have been with God, and how He has carried us through tough seasons of life, the more prepared we are to tell our emergencies that our expectation in Him far outweighs anything that life can bring our way. That is why Revelations 12:11 is so powerful. Even while it speaks of a future day, I believe that it applies strongly to us as well that as we testify to the goodness of God, we are no longer able to make mountains out of molehills. Believe me, to God, every mountain in our life is a molehill. We have to see through the eyes of God. I think there is a popular saying that instead of telling God about our troubles, we need to tell our troubles about our God.

Quite simply, no matter where you find yourself, no matter how you find yourself, if God has done it before, He will do it again. I’ll take that a step further. God has ALREADY done it. We simply have to receive it by grace through faith.

He is faithful that has promised. He will care for us. He will meet the need. He will restore the joy and peace. He will perfect the work. That’s the God we serve.

God, I pray that our memories in you would be long, that our testimony to your goodness, provision, love, grace, joy, and peace would be never ending! I pray that we would remember, first, how powerful you are, and then let that inform us to never worry or fret, regardless of what we face.

Enjoy this song and let it hit you where you are this morning.

Do it Again- Elevation Worship



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