Social media can be a cool thing when it reminds you of something that you had long since forgotten about. I ran across a post that I’d made on Facebook almost 5 years ago that was from a verse found in Acts 5.

“But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” Acts 5:39

So, let me set this up for you all. In this chapter, we see the Apostles really tearing it up. They are taking the fight to Satan so hard that people are even hoping that Peter’s shadow would fall on them so that they could be healed (verse 15). I mean, the Holy Spirit in them was just bringing it left and right. Signs and wonders, miracles, the whole shebang. It gets your blood pumping just to think about it, really. Can you imagine walking around with that kind of power at your disposal? Knowing that everything you do via this connection to this great power literally adds more humiliation to the Enemy that Christ already embarrassed royally once and for all? Wait…you do have that power. But that’s for another blog.

What sets up the verse about is that the Apostles were brought before the high priest and his cronies, people whose eyes were blinded to the truth of it all, but who were in power. Funny how that happens, huh? They get locked up, but then an Angel of the Lord opens the door and lets them out. Instead of telling them to escape,  the Angel tells them to go and stand in the temple courts and “tell the people all about this new life” (verse 20). There’s another blog in here too, but I digress.

The apostles begin their teaching in the temple courts. Brave! People begin coming around to listen. Those same leaders have the apostles brought before them again, and basically told them to quit it! Now, this is how the conversation went in my head.

Temple Leaders: “Hey, you bozos, I thought we told you to quit peddling your stories around here! You keep on not heeding our warnings. You guys are pretty smart. NOT!”

(chuckles from the peanut gallery.)

Peter: “Man look, we obey God. it doesn’t really matter what you say. This Jesus, who YOU all crucified, is God. That’s all we need to know. And since we know it, we have to tell it.”

(mic drop)

(the apostles go CRAZY, high-fiving each other and praising God).

Now, when the Temple Leaders heard this, they wanted to put them to death, but one of their own stepped up with some wisdom that could have only come from the Holy Spirit in that moment. He advised his cohorts to leave the men alone. let them go. How crazy is that?

Imagine this…the bully who has been on your case for 4 years comes and stands in front of you, urging everyone else who has bullied you to leave you alone…not for your sake, but rather because those other bullies don’t want to have an encounter with your Daddy! Now, that bully might have had no prior encounters with your Father himself, but in this moment, something tells him that it’s not a good idea to even go that route, and he wants to warn everyone else.

“you will only find yourselves fighting against God”

This verse really amps me up! See, Acts to me is like the aftermath of a fight. The bully has been knocked out, but his cronies still wish to fight. We have access to this great power to help us stamp out darkness. We have the kind of access to eradicate sickness and disease, addiction, demon possession. And when we come up against obstacles, those obstacles are not going to have to fight with us, but rather with the God who fights for us. And guess what…God is UNDEFEATED!!! This is why the disciples had such a swagger about them, no matter what they encountered. They rightly believed that they could not fail, and with that belief, there was nothing that could stand against them, even death. They had the perspective that God would always get the glory, and that He fought for them, therefore all they had to do was preach His Gospel, build community, and show love! Everything else would fall into place.

You! You have power. You have a God who will fight for you. You have a Daddy who wants to take on your struggles, your bullies, and your obstacles. As a matter of fact, since OT times, God has shown himself to not be above violence for the sake of His children. He is the owner of the fight club AND the undefeated champion! When life picks a fight with you, it picks a fight with your Father! And Satan thinks he wants those problems, but he doesn’t. These are his last gasp strains against the burden of knowing that God has won! And if we are in Christ, we have won also. We are victorious, and our lives have to reflect that!

We are victorious, and our lives have to reflect that! Let’s move forward, kicking butt and taking names. Let’s quit allowing sickness to bully us. Let’s stop finding people in sin and leaving them there. Let’s quit not meeting needs for fear of our own needs being unmet. Let’s quit having the fight brought to our doorsteps. Let’s take the fight with us wherever we go.

We are the fight club. The bell just sounded.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!




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