2 Timothy 4:2-3- “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season….for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.”

This morning while I was reading this verse, God impressed something different to me. he gave me words of encouragement for some good friends, but He also freed me to share this one thing with you all.

When Paul write to Timothy to preach the word, God substituted the word “live” for preach. So, we are to LIVE the word with urgency, and be prepared in and out of season. We are live our lives with a singular focus of pleasing our commanding officer. Just a chapter earlier, paul was writing about how a soldier does not get involved in the affairs of civilians, but rather dedicates himself to pleasing the commanding officer. There is an urgency to please that C.O. When the C.O speaks, the soldier is willing to break his or her neck to meet whatever command has been issued.

So when God says to us that we should live the word, and be prepared both in and out of season, it is a command that we should be jumping to adhere to. And while I don’t have some big, profound explanation here, I feel like I should just leave it as is, and allow God to speak to each of us about this on a personal level. I will say this though, I believe the time is breathing down our necks when people won’t want to hear sound doctrine. Preaching the pulpit isn’t going to do it either. People want to see lives living it out.

With how much urgency are we living the word?

God bless you today.


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