Today, I just want to share a short excerpt from Pastor Steven Furtick’s book Unqualified. It requires no additional perspective from me. I believe it speaks volumes via the Holy Spirit just by its self.

And you wonder, Am I really pleasing to God? Can He accept who I am even when the real me is so broken and flawed and disqualified and so…stinking…human? 

If it’s hard for you to believe that God could love and accept you, try thinking about Jesus’ opinion of you. After all, Jesus came to reveal God’s heart. So what Jesus thinks about you is what God thinks about you.

…What we do always follows who we are -or who we think we are. So there is a better question to ask than WWJD. We should ask: What does Jesus say about me (WDJSAM)?”

Happy Friday, and be blessed today!


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