“God wants to blow the lid off of your expectations of yourself. Stop talking about who you are not, and what you cannot do, and start listening to what God says about your life. Stop labeling yourself, and start letting God do whatever He wants in and through, and with you.”

-Steven Furtick Unqualified

In this section of the book, Pastor Furtick is talking about third words, as in the word that immediately precedes an “I am” statement. For example…

I am smart.

I am horrible.

I am a sinner.

I am weak.

He is talking about how our third words are really what we think about ourselves. So if you were to think about that statement, whatever first comes to mind is a pretty accurate indication of what is going on inside of your heart. The challenge is not changing that word once it comes to us, but accepting it, and allowing God to change it. He goes further to say that our third word should be representative of who we are in Christ because who we are is eternally tied and tangled into who He is. Therefore, when we say “I am weak”, that is a lie because God is strong. Our third words should always be a testament to who God is because we are in Him, so we are those things as well.

Anyway, I read this in my notes and it hit me again like a Spirit Bomb!

What’s your third word?

Be blessed!


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