Yesterday I was listening to a sermon entitled “The Power in Provision”. I’m not even going to lie. It was probably one of the best messages I have ever heard, and I plan on blogging about it a little more after I finishing digesting it and listening a few more times. The Pastor preaching the message talked quite a bit about perspective and our own vision, when it comes to the things of God, and how He provides for us. My ears especially tuned in when he asked two questions:

  1. What am I missing?
  2. What am I missing?

I know that these look like the same mix of words, which they are, but their meanings and implications for our lives could not be more different.

In the first question, the thought behind it is what am I missing in my life that is keeping me from doing everything that I should be doing? In essence, it is the eternal “What’s wrong with me” question. It is the question that takes a look at ourselves and compares what I wish I could be doing to what someone else is doing. It is the question that drives us into isolation because we are dissatisfied with what God created and believes that He made a mistake. It is a question that destroys what God has built within us because we don’t recognize the uniqueness of our construction to be successful in any season of our lives. it is always said that life is a product of our perspectives but when it comes to the things of God, our perspectives will either make or break how our lives turn out.

This first question implies that God made a mistake. That God is fallible. This first question is dangerous to us and those around us.

When we continue to live through the eyes of a deficit, meaning that when we continue to falsely believe that God has made critical mistakes that have left us at a disadvantage, there is no victory able to find us that will mean anything in the grand scheme of things. It is only when we change the question that we change the answer.

So, instead of asking “What am I missing?”, we have to ask “What am I missing?”.

The second iteration is an entirely different perspective. It is, in effect, asking “What am I not seeing in me, that you have placed within me, in order to be successful in this season of life? This question assumes that God has already equipped us with every weapon that we need to thrive, but the onus rests on us to see the provision, equip the weapon, and let the talents, skills, and gifts of God’s grace manifest within us to push us toward the future God has prepared for us. This is a question that commits us to not resting until we discover all that God has created us to be because we are so engaged in discovering all that God is. This second question is one of excitement. Of strength. Of faith. It says, “God, you made no mistakes in me. Help me be all that you made me to be.”

It accepts that no matter how differently I am constructed than someone else, God created us all for the same purpose. To glorify His name. To build His Kingdom. To show His love. The second question frees us to be and to do.

This second question implies that God is sovereign and knew what we would need in this life, so he placed it inside of us.

So, which question are you asking today?

Be blessed!


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