I remember being at Destiny Church for about 4-5 months, and during that time avoiding Life Groups like the plague. We made all of the excuses to not get involved into something that might help us make connections in the church. Then I remember our daughter being invited to a birthday party after church one Sunday, and then that birthday party invite became a “Come on and join our life group meeting” kind of thing. So we went, and to our surprise, it wasn’t horrible. We enjoyed it! So imagine our surprise when our Pastors came to us and told us (of the one LG attendance) that they wanted us to lead a Life Group the following semester. We thought that he was absolutely off his rocker. There was no way that we could do this, right?

Our first Life Groups were full of people older than we were, who knew more than we did. I felt so overwhelmed, and I would even get queasy when LG Sundays came because I thought that I had no right to be leading a LG with such seasoned people. Sometimes I would try to be deep. Other times I would just be quiet, which becomes problematic when everyone else is quiet as well. It took my years before I discovered who I was within that context, and became comfortable enough to operate in the unique grace that God had placed upon me.

Reading my “Live, Love, Lead” devotional this morning brought all of that back to my mind. Pastor Brian Houston, of Hillsong Church in Australia, was talking about how important it is to not compare ourselves to others but to recognize and operate in the unique grace that God has placed upon our lives. This is the grace that enables us to use our strengths (and weaknesses) to allow God to build His kingdom through us. Many of you are like me. You can find more weaknesses than strengths in your life, but by doing that, we undermine the very thing that God has given us to be successful. Sure, my guitar playing might not be great, but when it is used for God, he takes what might not sound good, and makes it sound heavenly through a heart of worship.

We have to recognize the grace of God in our lives. I think of it like a tailor made suit. I can go to JC Penney and grab a suit off of the rack that would look good on me. However, if I were to go to a tailor and as him or her to custom fit a suit for my body type, that means that nobody else can wear that suit like I can. It fits my curves and flaws in a  way that makes all of me look amazing! Every cuff and line are perfect. And when I put it on, I feel like the best version of myself. I feel confident. Like I can take on the world.

Grace is like that. God has given all of us grace. That grace manifests in our lives differently depending on what we have been tasked to do for the Kingdom of God. I can’t wear anyone else’s grace. That grace has been custom fitted for who they were created to be. I can only put mine on, walk around in it, and allow myself to be who God created me to be. The beautiful thing is that when all of us are wearing our grace, that custom-fitted grace, we all look good and reflect the God of Creation. Then we can take on the world because Christ has overcome the world.

I’m learning to lead out of my custom, unique grace. I’m learning to be comfortable being me, knowing that is enough for God to do amazing things in this world.

Today, commit yourself to doing the same because God’s grace looks good on you!

Be blessed!


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