Here’s something short this morning.

My devotional from “Live, Love, Lead” hit me right where I live this morning. It was talking about being a Pioneer. Now, I think about that word, and for some reason I get this picture of Davey Crockett in my head, or at least his raccoon skin hat that history says he wore. I think of someone exploring uncharted territory, not knowing what to think, just feeling a pull toward the unknown.

We don’t often associate that with living for Christ, but as Pastor Brian Houston said, “Christ was the ultimate pioneer. He did what could never be done, and what can never be repeated.”

Therefore, if we have his Holy Spirit on the inside of us, we also have that same spirit of pioneering and leadership. We are pioneer leaders.

A Pioneer is not afraid to chart new courses or create a pathway through mess. A Pioneer is unafraid to fail or fall flat because he or she is looking toward the long game, so what may fail today might ultimately set them up for a greater future success. A pioneer is not concerned with what they do not have in their backpack, but are obsessed with using everything that they have with the, to ensure their success.

We can learn a lot about leadership from the pioneer. I can learn a lot about leadership from pioneers.

But here’s the kicker…

I was created to be a pioneering leader. To blaze new trails. To do what hasn’t been done. To not worry about what’s not in my toolkit, but instead to commit my life to allowing God to use up what He did pack for me. I was created to not fear failure, but rather to embrace it as an avenue to learn for future success.

And you were too.

So where are you leading? Where are you going? Who is coming behind you? Beside you? So long as you’re leading others as God leads you, your success is assured for the Kingdom of God. Put on your ‘coon skin hat, grab a walking stick (or machete), and get busy!

Time’s a wastin, partner!

Be blessed today!


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