At Destiny Church, our Pastor has been speaking from the topic of “It’s Time” for the past 3 Sundays. The premise of this topic has been that it’s time to stop wasting time, living lives without purpose. It’s time to quit being a passive Christian and actively take up the mantle, buy the field, and get to work. Truth be told, it’s a well-worn message. You can probably find many preachers and teachers who were preaching on the same subject over the past three weeks, or at some point in the year, but nevertheless, it is still always good to have the fires stoked, per say. It’s been a good series for revving up what lies below the surface. In truth, it IS time. We have wasted way too much time living lives with no direction, and not bothering to seek God for His direction. We have depended way too much on our own understanding, and not enough on His wisdom. We who have little wisdom, have failed to ask Him for access to His infinite wisdom. I kinda think that Pastor Gene was admonishing as well as inspiring with these messages. It’s time. It’s time. It’s TIME!!!!

I was reading in my Bible this morning and stumbled across Psalms 90. In this Psalm, David basically talks about God’s infinite nature and our finite one. Check this out:

“Before you created the mountains and even before you formed the world, you were there as an eternal God, and you will be forever. Ps, 90:2”

Doesn’t that statement just inspire praise by itself? It paints a beautiful picture that our natural minds can begin to somewhat fathom. God has reigned since before time began. Then there are the following passages:

“You say to people, ‘Return to dust’, and they do. A thousand years to you is like yesterday to us; they are no more to you than a watch in the night. You could sweep the whole human race away as you did at the time of the flood. We are like the flowers that blossom in the morning, then wither and die by the evening. You could consume us in a moment. The very thought of such awesome power overwhelms us.” (Ps. 90:3-7).

Our God is a great God. Need I say more? You may be asking yourself what this has to do with my original thoughts. How does this relate to now being the time for you and me and Christians all over the world? Well, keep reading!

“Seventy years is all we have, eighty years if we are strong. Yet much of that time is spent in labor and trouble. Then we’re gone and forgotten. ….Help us to understand how short our lives really are so we may fill our hearts with wisdom.” (Psalms 90 10-12).

This is the gist of it, family. Our lives are short. We live, then we die and are forgotten by many, but remembered by few if we have lived well. What established our legacy, what makes the most of a mark in our lives is not the money that we accumulate. It’s not the material success that we have. Only what we do for Christ will last. This is why it’s time. It’s time for us to realize that our lives only amount to what we do for the Kingdom. It’s about the people that we reach out to. It’s about the lives that we sow positive seed into.

Now is the time. You are the person. Seize the day! The day is getting late, and there are so many people out there who need to hear the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom. There is a reason why Paul wrote to Timothy to preach the word and be urgent in season. After his conversion, Paul lived life with such an urgency! If you look at the heroes and heroines of the Bible, this is a trait that you notice, especially among the new testament writers. They lived with a holy frenetic pace, fully expecting Christ to come back and find all of the work not done. I think this motivated them beyond measure because they wanted Christ to be well pleased upon His return. Where is our concern? What is our motivation?

Now is the time! Why are we wasting it? Are we praying like the time is now? Are we working in the field like the time is now? Are we teaching and preaching with the urgency that is required to plant every seed that God has placed in our possession?

You are the one! No, not like Neo in the Matrix. lol. But in reality, if the work in your territory is to be done, you must be the one to do it. God gave you territory for a reason. He wants you to cultivate it. He wants you to plow it. He wants you to till it! He wants you to get the weeds out. It doesn’t matter if your back breaks. It doesn’t matter if you get bloodied in the process. The only thing that matters is the results. It’s no coincidence that farmers are the backbone of America. God expects us all fo be farmers, with a deeply personal interest and vesting in our fields! If it’s gonna happen, we must begin taking ownership!

It’s time! The worst thing that can happen to us, Christians, is that the trumpet sounds, the heavens part, and our minds immediately begin thinking about everything that we left undone. Just imagining this now makes me very sad, because I know that I haven’t done everything that I can! I don’t know everything that I need to do, nor do I know how to accomplish the things that have been put in my path to do, and neither do you. The key is that we never stop asking God for the wisdom. Pester God, and wait on Him to reveal it. I believe that God wants to see urgency. He wants to see results! Now is the time! We are the people! Let’s get the job done!

Dear God,

Forgive us for being lax, for thinking that we are owed time that we haven’t been promised. I pray for a renewed sense of urgency. I pray for an outpouring of direction and wisdom. I pray for a spirit of ownership to take our hearts captive! Lord, give us the frame of mind that your work is our work. Make us desperate, Lord! There is so much work to be done. You have prepared the harvest, and now You are practically begging for workers to come out and help You bring it back to Your storehouse! The world needs this. We need this! Revive us, Lord.

In your most Holy Name,



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