Here’s a gem from my “Live, Love, Lead” Bible study. Pastor Brian Houston said that in order for us to achieve the glorious life, our faith has to be “robust”. This has to mark the first time that I have ever heard the word “robust” attached to faith. When I think about something being robust, I think about a sauce. I even think that one of the pasta sauces, Ragu or Prego, touts itself as having a robust flavor. Now, being a major foodie, if something has a robust flavor, that means that my taste buds are going to be popping and very highly satisfied when I taste whatever that food item is. The flavor is alive. It can not be denied.

It would seem that a robust faith is the same. It is faith that is alive and popping. It has a sweet savor to God because it shows ultimate trust based on His word and not our circumstances. The actual definition of robust is “strong and healthy; hardy and vigorous.” These are very strong words!

I guess I have to ask myself now,

Is my faith robust?

Is yours?



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