Leadership can be one of those analogous words that we can’t accurately describe, but we know good leaders when we see them, and poor leaders when we see them as well. It can also be one of those things that we strive for without fully knowing what we are asking. Leadership may be natural in some, but I think that in most, it is something that has to be cultivated. Maybe I’m wrong, but my personal experience with leadership is that I’m not a natural in it. I admire those who are. I look at them and wonder “how in the world are they able to do this with such ease?” At times it has had me jealous. As a matter of fact, most days I wake up and feel like I’m not a leader in any facet of the world.

“I’m too imperfect.”

“I’m too emotional.”

“I’m too introverted.”

“I don’t have a magnetic personality.”

The truth os the matter, though, is that God can take every personality type that is surrendered to Him and turn that person into the leader that He has ordained them to be. That’s right.

Leadership is ordained by God, and only fully unlocked through Him. 

Yet, even with that statement, leadership scares many of us. In the church, leaders are often looked at as someone in the pulpit or on the stage, but I believe whole-heartedly that the person sitting in our seats in the church (hint: us) have an even bigger role in leadership than we think. It is a thought worth pondering.

I always wanted to be a leader, but I was a quiet kid who has become a quiet man. Being authoritative when needed, not my strong suit. Leading meetings gives me hand sweats. Speaking up in meetings makes my voice tremble a little.

“I’m too afraid to be a leader.”

“Everything that I touch fails.” 

“I don’t trust God to help me lead anything.”

That last statement pretty much sums up the reason why many of us, including me, fail to lead. Leadership is a spiritual mantle first and foremost. We can not lead effectively apart from the Spirit of God.

A couple of months ago, God spoke to me about journaling from Nehemiah. Specifically, He wanted me to notice how Nehemiah lead in the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. So, I did. Not every day. I didn’t understand many things about it. I read other sources about it. I thought about it. I wanted to blog about it, but God hasn’t released me to do so until now. I suspect there is a greater reason at work here, but I’m going to be faithful in this small thing until He shows me the pathway forward. What I am finding as I review some of my notes is that I AM a leader. And see, while it’s nice for someone to affirm you in these things, it’s even better for you to begin to see it in you and affirm yourself. So, I’m going to start a series of blogs entitled “Rebuilding the Wall”, which will specifically deal with leadership.

Its funny to me that God would charge a guy who seriously doubts his leadership capabilities to write a blog about leadership. God definitely has a sense of humor!

I pray that through this, God changes my mindset and perspective, and anyone else’s who happens to read this blog as we move forward. I’m not asking for a huge audience, just the one that God wants to see this.

“I want to be the best leader that I can be.”

“I want to he the leader that God created me to be.”

So, join me on this journey. I think it will be good.

Be blessed today!



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