“Oh be careful little mouth what you say,

Oh be careful little mouth what you say..

Cause you oh so “harmless” words

Could cause someone to hurt.

So be careful little mouth what you say.”

We, humans,…ALL OF US…have this thing where we say stuff without sometimes thinking how it is going come off. I mean, really think about how it sounds. Sometimes what we mean as a compliment comes off as mean and unthoughtful.

And I don’t doubt that we mean well. All I’m saying is that before we respond to anyone, about anything. take a few moments and run through the possible outcomes of what you have to say. There will be times when you are tempted to give you real thoughts about someone’s situation. If you haven’t built the kind of relationship with that person where your comments could be received in truth, keep them to yourself and pray about an opening. Ultimately, ask yourself,

“Will my words encourage? Edify? Provide hope? Show love? Bring peace? Speak life?”

Even in a compliment for congratulations, be sure that you are conveying what you really mean to convey. Be purposeful in your speech. Be genuine in your meaning.

Because if we aren’t, even “kind” words can kill the spirit of others. Then we become unwitting accomplices in killing off the joy of someone who needs it.

This all goes for me as well. I believe that this is what God wants to speak to us all today. Speak as Jesus would. and Does.


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