Hebrews 13:5- “…Today if you hear the voice of the Lord, don’t harden your hearts as you once did in the rebellion.”

We all want to hear from God. We want the “experience”. We want the encounter. We want to be able to tell the story of how God came and sat down on our bed and had a conversation with us at 3 in the morning, and our lives instantly changed.

But what about when God is saying things to us that we don’t want to hear? The things that will make us better? What about when God says things to us that are corrective, yet still show His love? The Bible DOES say that the Lord chastens those that He loves. he disciplines us. He is not the God who spares the rod. His love is abundant, but it would not be love if He did not tell us what in us needs to be fixed.

I feel like I am learning this lesson all over again during this season of my life. I don’t know when it started, but it is an uncomfortable thing to hear the voice of God pointing out what only He can fix. Many times these are things that we know lurk beneath the surface, but we are loathed to address because of the things that have to be dredged up in order for the situation to be rectified.

It sucks to be confronted with the ugliness of our lives. Jealousy. Undue anger. Regret.

But God does none of this to be spiteful. He does this because His love is so great for us that He desires that none of us be left in a place where all that we feel like we have are the cards stacked against us. That is not fuel to live on. His love is our daily bread. His peace is our direction. His joy sustains us. Any other fuel is quickly burned out, leaving us empty again.

We must tell ourselves the truth. We must be open to God speaking the truth to us, because along with what He wants to fix, God will tell us who we are.

Self will lie to us. Self will deny that there is any truth to the fact that we are broken and in need of repair. Self will tell us that we don’t need anybody. Self will convince us that who we are is just who we are.

Which is why self must DIE. Self will leave us into rebellion.

But when we hear the voice of God and we allow it to penetrate our hearts, rebellion is not possible. His love is so profound that even when it places us in a difficult situation, we will still feel His peace leading us into healing. That is when self dies and the spirit of God within us can rise.

When God shows Himself as a Father, a GOOD Father,  and corrects you, don’t harden your heart. Accept His love, and be changed.

Be blessed, fam!


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