I find myself this morning feeling anxious. My stomach is a little topsy turvy. I’m not eating breakfast. It feels like things are happening around me, but I’m strangely detached. The feelings started last night, and I know why I’m feeling them. Yet, I don’t know why. Something God has brought us through countless times is now causing some fear in my life. Wonder about outcomes.

“Will God still be God?”

“Will He provide what we need? Because we need a LOT!”

“I want to vomit, does God care?”

How many of you can relate this morning? How many of you have ever found yourselves in a situation where you are faced with something that God has helped you overcome in the past, only to be presented with the same thing in a different package in a different season? The worry is the first thing to come back.

But what should happen when we are confronted by these things is that we should revisit the altars that we have placed at those points in our past where God has shown Himself mighty. We should go back in order to go forward.

We have to remember His faithfulness. We have to remember His unfailing nature. We have to remember that He alone is powerful.

Throughout the time in which we discovered that we were being put through another familiar, frightening season, these words from Elevation Church have come to us over and over again.

“I’ve seen You move, You’ve moved the mountains

And I believe, I’ll see you do it again”

See, the operative words there are “I’ll see you do it again!”. There is power in making that confession. Even when my heart is troubled and my stomach is in anxious knots, I can say these words and my spirit latches on to them.

We used to sing a song in church that was a musical restatement of Psalm 27 which says,

“I will remain confident in this, I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

This will not defeat us. This will not cause our demise! What this will do is strengthen out faith as we remind ourselves that God is good in every season, no matter what may come.

In the same way, your mountain will not defeat you. God has given us the means, by faith, to speak to our mountains and have them cast into the sea. That is our birthright. That is our power because of His power.

Besides, fear is a lie. Anxiety is as well. They want us to believe that God runs contrary to His word. Why would God tell us 365 times in the Bible to not fear and then allow us to live in it? No. The truth, regardless of how I feel, regardless of my stomach flipping and the knots, regardless of what I can’t see in front of me, is that God never fails!

This is the truth that we must speak over our hearts. And then the peace of God, which the world can not understand, will flood our hearts because when we belong to Christ, we not only know His voice, but we recognize his truth, and we receive His love!

So, let’s have a few moments of faith-building worship. Take a moment and listen tot his song with me, and let’s pray for each other and believe that no matter what we face today, we will see God be God again!



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